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 Kazan Tourists Media Guide 2018 .


June, 16. Match 5. Kazan. France - Australia

June 20.   Match 20. Kazan. Spain - Iran

June, 24.  Match 31. Kazan. Poland - Colombia

June 27.   Match 43. Kazan. Germany - South Korea

June 30.Match 49. 1/8 finals.   ???? Kazan.

6 July .Match 57. 1/4 finals.   ????  Kazan. 


2.1. Transportation services 

There are all types of transport in Kazan- buses, metro, trams and trolleybuses. A large number of routes provides easy access to almost any point in Kazan, and even in suburban areas.

Kazan airport is located 26 km south-east of the city center. In 2013 it was completely renovated and now it is now one of the most modern in Europe.

You can get to the airport from the city center by public transport in two ways:

- by bus number 197 - it goes from the agro-industrial park «Kazan» through the Victory Avenue and the Azino area to the Universiade Village.

- by aeroexpress from the Kazan-1 railway station. The journey takes 30 minutes.

Buses go on the line at 5.00 and with stable intervals work until 21.00-22.00. The most popular bus routes operate until 23.30.Now the city has five tram routes. The longest and most popular one is the high-speed route No. 5.

Trolleybuses in Kazan serve 10 routes.

10 metro stations cover the whole center of Kazan, allowing to get to the necessary points on time even at rush hour. Now this is one 17-kilometer branch of ten stations, stretching from north to south. You can drive it in 22 minutes. The metro operates from 6.00 to 0.00.

In all urban transport, passengers are informed in three languages (Tatar, Russian and English) using autoinformers without driver participation.

Many stops are equipped with a scoreboard that shows the waiting time for the next bus, trolleybus or tram. The fare in all types of public transport in Kazan is the same - 25 rubles.You can also use the taxi services that operate in Kazan.

Taxi "Tatarstan" +7 (843) 567-1-567;

Taxi "Mini" +7 (843) 229-33-33;

Taxi "Leader" +7 (843) 230-00-00 and others 

Applications of taxi services: GET, Uber, TabTaxi, YandexTaxi, etc.

The timetable for public transport in real time can be seen on the website: navi.kazantransport.ru

2.2 Hospitals and clinics.

SAHI«Republican Clinical Hospital» MH RT

420064, Republic of Tatarstan, Kazan, Orenburg highway, 138

+7 (843) 231-21-09; +7 (843) 231-20-90

email: mz.rkb@tatar.ru


City Clinical Hospital № 7

420103, Kazan, Marshal Chuikova str. 54

+7 (843) 2379178

Email: gkb7@bk.ru

Head physician: Delian Artur Markosovich


AO «ABA-Kazan»


Kazan, Profsoyuznaya / Astronomicalheskaya str, 19/15

Receptionist: +7 (843) 200-10-65

E-mail: info@avakazan.ru

Administration: +7 (843) 200-10-61

2.3. Information about the stadium 

Start  operating: 2013

Total area of the building: 136,000 m2

Capacity: 45.379 people 

Stadium «Kazan Arena»  is a multifunctional complex, designed for football matches, sports events, entertainment shows and cultural events. This is the first football stadium in Russia, built to host the FIFA 2018 World Cup in Russia. It is the home arena of FC "Rubin". 

The architectural appearance of Kazan Arena was developed by the international company «Populous». The building has a round form with four tiers of open stands with a total capacity of 45,000 spectators and 4 entrance groups.

In addition to the sports component, the stadium's infrastructure includes a media center, a conference room, skyboxes, a restaurant with panoramic views of the field, food courts, fitness clubs, children's learning and entertainment centers, museums, stewarding school, hotel, beauty salon and much more.


A distinctive feature of the stadium is a huge HD media screen with a total area of 3,700 m².

Multifunctionality of the object is achieved through the use of modern technological solutions, which allows to transform the football field into a space for various events.For example, in 2013, the ceremonies of the XXVII World Summer Universiade opening and closing were held at the Kazan Arena, the main press center and the International Broadcasting Center of the Games were located in the under the rostrum  rooms.In 2015, during the 16th World Aquatics Championship, the object took swimming and synchronized swimming competitions. For the first time in the history of stadium operation, two temporary 50-meter pools were installed in the bowl.

In the summer of 2014 the stadium received the UEFA certificate and was recognized as the arena of the highest fourth category. The organization of the functional zones "Kazan Arena" was carried out in accordance with the 5th edition of the FIFA technical guide on football stadiums. Many architectural and engineering solutions implemented at the facility formed the basis of the Russian stadiums, which are being built for the football world championship. Within the FIFA 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia, six games will be played at the Kazan Arena, including one of the 1/8 finals and the quarterfinals.


Address: Kazan, Yamasheva Av., 115a, the stadium «Kazan Arena»

Website: http://kazanarena.com/


• Stop Football stadium "Kazan Arena" - 5 minutes walk from the stadium

• Stop Gavrilova str. - 10 minutes by walk to the stadium

Prior to these stops, the following routes go from different parts of the city:

Bus 1, 7, 10a, 18, 33, 35, 35a, 36, 44, 45, 46, 49, 55, 60, 62, 76

Trolleybus 7

Tram 5, 6


Accreditation of media representatives to the press center is carried out on the site https://footballcitymediacenter.ru/. The accreditation badge is valid in all the press-centers of the cities-organizers of the World Championship. The start of accreditation is November 1, 2017. The expiry date of accreditation is May 15, 2018.



The Press Center, the total area of which is 1520 sq.m., is located in the center of the business part of the capital of the Republic of Tatarstan in the building of "IT Park" at the address: Kazan, St. Petersburg, 52. The working hours of the press center are from 10:00 to 22:00 from June 13 to July 16, 2018 daily.

The entrance to the territory of the press center in the building of the "IT Park" is carried out through the front door on the basis of inspection of hand luggage on the turnstile and through the frame of the metal detector. Access to the press center is provided according to the accreditation badge of the established type, as well as by official accreditation of FIFA.The Press Center has the ability to provide simultaneous comfortable work for up to 300 media representatives. The area of the press center includes a registration zone, a hall for press conferences, a working zone for journalists, a coffee-break zone, a mixed zone, a recreation area and business communication.The press center has a hall for press conferences. The hall is equipped with professional light and sound equipment. Technical facilities for simultaneous interpretation are also provided. During the World Championships, briefings and press conferences will be held in the hall. Information on the timing, speakers and subject matter of briefings is available at the information desk

The journalists' work area is equipped with workstations with personal computers with high-speed wire Internet connection (up to 100 Mbps) and necessary office equipment. In addition, the territory of the press center provides free high-speed Internet access on the technology of Wi-Fi.

The press center also has a "Stand-up" and a mixed zone.

In case of need to leave your personal belongings for a while it is recommended to use individual boxes locked to the key.

In the coffee-break zone, free food is provided for journalists, sandwiches, tea, coffee, etc. will be offered.

The presentation stand of the Republic of Tatarstan will be presented in the press center. As part of the stand, guests of the city will be able to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of local traditions - an exhibition of folk art will be organized where souvenirs can be purchased. During the work of the media center, tourist excursions and press tours around Kazan and Tatarstan will be held for media representatives.

Smoking in the territory of the press center is allowed only in specially designated places. Outside special zones, smoking is prohibited in the press center.

On the territory of the press center there is a medical center.

IT Park websitehttps://itpark-kazan.ru/

In Kazan Fun ID can be received in the following centers:

The issuing centers (confirmed)

Center "Rodina" (Bauman Street, 44/8)

Office on Chetayev Str. 10

Stadium "Kazan Arena"

Airport "Kazan"

Dispensing centers (in operation)

 Railway station "Kazan-1"

The Kremlin Embankment

5.INTERNET SITES (city website, state committee on tourism, city page on the FIFA website)

- http://www.kzn.ru/

- official portal of local self-government bodies of Kazan;


- State Committee on Tourism of the Republic of Tatarstan


The main tourist portal of the Republic of Tatarstan. All sights, interesting and unusual places of the republic, the designer of routes, information about cultural and entertaining events on one resource

- http://ru.fifa.com/worldcup/destination/cities/city=73217/index.html

- city page on the FIFAwebsite


Tourist portal for the period of the World championship.

The cultural program.

Tourist Information Center of the City of Kazan

Bauman str., 49/10

Working hours: 9:30 - 18:30 without lunch break

Tel: (843) 270-3-270


Kazan Excursion Center

Pushkina str., 4 (hotel «Tatarstan»)

Working hours: 9:00 - 18:00 without lunch break

Tel: (843) 8-800-333-03-19, +7 927 033 11 33

Tourist information point at the International Airport "Kazan" terminal 1, arrival zone,

business hours around the clock +7 (843) 254 01 59

Kazan is one of the largest cultural centers of Russia. The capital of Tatarstan is traditionally called «multicultural», implying a mutually beneficial enrichment of peacefully coexisting Russian and Tatar cultures.

Annual international festivals are held in Kazan: Shalyapinsky operas, Nureyevsky ballet, Rachmaninovsky's classical music, opera open air "Kazan Autumn", modern music of Concordia, folk and rock music Creation of the World, etc.

The city has many museums, including 34 state museums, several public and private galleries. The largest and most versatile of them is the National Museum of the Republic of Tatarstan, founded in 1894. The most valuable natural science, archaeological, ethnographic and many other expositions are located in the main building of the museum - the former Gostiny Dvor 1800-1815. the buildings. In the Kazan Kremlin operates a branch of the State Hermitage - the center of the Hermitage-Kazan. Also one of the most popular museums of the city are: the Museum of the IZO RT, the Kazan Millennium Museum and many other cultural institutions.

The city has a large number of theaters. Out of 9 theaters in Kazan, 3 have academic status. The most famous and popular among them: the Tatar Academic State Opera and Ballet Theater named after Musa Jalil (the venue of international theatrical and musical festivals), the Tatar Academic Theater named after Galiaskar Kamal, the Kazan State Academic Russian Bolshoi Drama Theater named after V. I. Kachalov, etc.

Also in Kazan there are the Circus (one of the leading in the country and having a unique building) and 12 cinemas with 61 cinema halls.

There are a lot of parks in Kazan, among them the amusement park«Kyrlai», Tisyacheletiya, Pobedi, Urickogo, CPKiO im.Gorkogo, Chernoe ozero, Ermitaj,Lyadskoi, Fuksovskii gardens, Alleya Slaviand others, as well as the oldest in Russia and one of the oldest in Europe, Kazan Zoo.

Tourist attractions in the city

Kazan Kremlin

The Kazan Kremlin is located on the left bank of the Volga and the left bank of the Kazanka River. It became white in the second half of the 16th century, before that it was surrounded by massive oak walls. There are a number of architectural monuments on the territory of the Kremlin: the Syuyumbike Tower, the Governor's Palace (now the residence of the President of the Republic of Tatarstan), the presence sites, the Junker College, several archaeological remains of one of the representative buildings of the khan's court complex, the khan's mosque, the tomb of the Kazan khans of the 15th-16th centuries, which are now presented in the form of museum exhibits. The Kremlin mosque is adjacent to the Muslim mosque Kul-Sharif and the Annunciation Cathedral, which is a vivid example of the peaceful coexistence of the two faiths.

In the buildings of the Kremlin there are administrative buildings and museums: the national art gallery "Hazine", the museum of natural history of Tatarstan, the museum-memorial of the Great Patriotic War, the branch of the Petersburg Hermitage Exhibition Center "Hermitage Kazan", the Museum of Islamic Culture.

In 2000 Kazan Kremlin was included in the UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage List.

Address: Kazan, the Kremlin

Metro station: Kremlevskaya

Website: www.kazan-kremlin.ru

Staro-TatarskayaSloboda (Old Tatar Suburb)

One of the historical parts and attractions in the center of Kazan located in the southern part of the Vakhitovsky district of the city. Sloboda has three historical parts: northern - business, central - cultural and residential, southern - industrial. Tukaya Street could be recognized as settlement street. The northern and central parts of the sloboda are separated by prospektTatarstan (Tatarstan Avenue), built during the Soviet period. In the center of the suburb - Yunusovskaya Square.

New Tatar (Novo-Tatar) sloboda located southwest of this sloboda. There are the place of settlement of the Tatar labor and craft workers, as well as former and operating enterprises of industry and transport, which has a lower architectural and cultural value.

Address: st.KayumaNasyri, 38

Phone: +7 (843) 251 32 51

The Pedestrian Bauman Street

Bauman Street is a pedestrian street in the center of Kazan, at different times it was called Nogai Road, Prolomna, BolshayaProlomnaya streets. It was not always pedestrian zone, not so long  ago it been a road with trams, trolleybuses and buses. Now, both ends of the pedestrian street are connected by metro stations "Tukaya Square" and "Kremlyovskaya".

The historical silhouette of Bauman Street is emphasized by low-rise buildings of the XIX - XX centuries. Walking along the street, the guests of the city can not only get acquainted with Kazan sights, but also taste national dishes in the House of Tatar cooking (Dom TatarskoiKulinarii), pick up original souvenirs in nearby boutiques and souvenir shops.

By the way about sights, on the Bauman street there is a bell tower of the Epiphany Cathedral, the Ioanno-Predtechensky Monastery, the Russian Academic Grand Drama Theater named after V.I. Kachalova, National Bank of the Republic of Tatarstan. At the beginning of the street there are Arabic style clock , locals often appoint meetings near them. Along the whole street there are fountains with figures of pigeons, frogs, and also with the heroine of the Tatar fairy tale Suanasi . Guests of the city are often photographed at a copy of the carriage of Catherine II, at which the Russian Empress came to Kazan in 1767, at the monument to the Russian opera and chamber singer Fyodor Shalyapin and at the monument to the legendary Kazan cat.

Address: Kazan, Bauman Str.

Metro station: Tukaya Square

Family Center "Kazan”

Family Center "Kazan” - the Marriage Registration Hall, one of the symbols of the renewed Kazan. It is located on the right side of the river in Novo-Savinovsky district. Sometimes the building is called simply the "cup". The author of the project was sculptor Dashi Namdakov. According to the plan, the building should resemble a kazan (a traditional Asian cast boiler) over a blazing fire.

The opening took place on July 5, 2013. On this day, the union registered 27 young couples.

The main attraction of this building is a two-level observation deck (32 m) on the roof. The opening views enchant: the city appears as in the palm of your hand, you can see the other side and the panorama of the river.

Address:Kazan, SibgataKhakima, 4

Phone: +7 (843) 590 11 53

The National Museum of the Republic of Tatarstan

The National Museum of the Republic of Tatarstan is based on the private collection of Andrei FedorovichLikhachev (1832-90), well-known archaeologist, historian, collector, as well as exhibits of the 1890 scientific and industrial exhibition. On the three floors of the museum there are scientific, literary and musical exhibits related to the history and development of Tatarstan. Here you can see the carriage of Catherine II, on which she drove around the city during her visit to Kazan, and the living space of the Tatar philosopher ShigabutdinMardjani.

Address: Kazan, st.Kremlyovskaya, 2

Phone: +7 (843) 292-89-84, 292-87-18

Official site: http://tatmuseum.ru/

The Hermitage-Kazan Center

The Hermitage-Kazan Center is a branch of the State Hermitage Museum (St. Petersburg). There are exhibited works of painting, graphics, arts and crafts, historical and cultural collections. At thematic exhibitions, which replacing each other every six months, one can see exhibits from the collection of one of the largest museums in the world, without leaving Kazan.

Address: Kazan, the Kremlin, 12

Phone: +7 (843) 567-80-32,

Official website: http://kazan-kremlin.ru/museums/tsentr-ermitazh-kazan/


The State Museum of Fine Arts of the Republic of Tatarstan

One of the largest art collections in Russia was founded in 1958 on the basis of the picture gallery of the State Museum of the Republic of Tatarstan. The exposition of the museum includes about 25 thousand paintings, graphics, sculptures, arts and crafts. The museum is located in a beautiful mansion of the early XX century - the former residence of the commander of the Kazan Military District, General Sandetsky. The mansion, built in 1906 by the architect Amlong, impresses both in interior decoration and interior designing.

Address: Kazan, ul. K.Marksa, 64,         

Phone: +7 (843) 236-69-31

Official site: http://izo-museum.ru/

Soviet Lifestyle Museum

Museum of Socialist Life

This is a unique place where everyone can make a trip to the still distant, but already forgotten 70s - 80s of the 20th century. With the help of material attributes it’s easy to understand what it's like to live in a huge multinational country,under the proud name of the USSR. The spirit of that time is created by the exhibits, and the rest by the mood of the visitors.

Address: Kazan, Universitetskaya, 6

(bus stops “Koltso” or “ KombinatZdorovya”)

Phone: +7 (843) 292-59-47; 8-965-60-18-18-8

Official website: http://muzeisb.ru/

M. Jalil Opera and Ballet Tatar Academic State Theatre

The theatre was founded in 1938. At the beginning of its history, the theater accepted only opera performances on the stage. Since 1941 it has been transformed into a theater of opera and ballet, and since 1956 it was named after the famous Tatar poet Musa Jalil.

The repertoire of the theater includes classical works of domestic and foreign composers.

Adress: Kazan, Freedom Square, 2 (ploschadSvobody)

Phone: +7 (843) 231-57-10

Official site: www.kazan-opera.ru

Tatar State Puppet Theatre "Ekiyat"

The Tatar State Puppet Theater "Ekiyat" was founded in 1934 and is one of the leading puppet theaters of the Russian Federation. In the repertoire of the theater more than 40 performances, where fairy tales of peoples of the world are presented, on historical and contemporary themes.

Address: Kazan, ul.Peterburgskaya, 57

Phone: +7 (843) 237-70-09, 237-70-20

Official website: www.puppet-show.ru/

Kazan Academic Russian Bolshoi Drama Theatre of V. I. Kachalov

One of the oldest theaters in Kazan. In 1948, the theater was named after the famous USSR actor VasilyIvanovichKachalov, who actually began his career here. In 2005, a monument to VasilyIvanovichKachalov was inaugurated in the foyer-atrium of the theater.

Address: Kazan, Bauman Str., 48,

Phone: +7 (843) 292-34-83, 292-37-51, 292-18-69, 292-35-32

Official website: www.teatrkachalov.ru

Kazan State Theatre of Young Spectator.

The first performance of the Kazan State Theater of the Young Spectator "Rovesniki" was held on November 30, 1932. This day is considered to be the birthday of the theater. Over the years, a lot of experience has been accumulated, many big actors, directors, significant performances appeared on the stage of this theater.

Address: Kazan, st.Ostrovsky, 10.

Phone: +7 (843) 292-18-75

Official site: www.kazan-tuz.ru


The Kazan Circus -"flying saucer", the cosmic silhouette of which has become an integral part of modern urban development, a kind of exotic dominant at the foot of the ancient Kremlin hill.

The opening of the Kazan Circus building took place on December 9, 1967.

Address: Kazan, pl. Tisyacheletiya (Millennium), 2.

Phone: +7 (843) 292-48-54

Official site: www.kazan-circus.ru/

The Tatar Bistese Museum

15 minutes away from Bauman Street, in the present historical center of Kazan - Staro-Tatar Sloboda there is the museum "Tatar Bistese".

The ticket price includes:

• Hourly guided tour of 5 halls with unique interiors

• Two unique mini-films about the history of Tatarstan and Kazan

• Interactive screens - historical characters, three-dimensional models of buildings, a test of knowledge of the history of Kazan

• At the end - a hot Tatar tea with national sweets along with a virtual grandmother.

Opening Hours:Monday to Sunday - 10:00 to 19:00

Ticket price: 400 rub.

Website: www.tb-kazan.ru

Address:city ​​of Kazan,  KayumaNasyri str., 38

Tel. +79600480428

Water Park (aquapark) "Riviera" - everything for fun on the water

One of the largest water parks of the planet – aqua park "Riviera" - is open all year round. Aqua park has a comfortable depth of pools, safe floors, sea waves, a variety of entertainment (more than 50 attractions), "Pirate Fort" and slides for kids.

Ferris wheel "Around the World"

The wheel works all year round, all 36 passenger cabins are glazed and equipped with air conditioning and air heating system that works reliably both in frost and in rainy and hot weather.

36 cabins, each dedicated to one of the great cities of the world, such as Paris, London, Rome, Moscow - on one wheel, they symbolize the unity of the world community.

Ferris wheel "Around the World" with a height of 65 meters- is a tourist site within the "Kazan Riviera", a unique place for Kazan residents and guests of the capital of Tatarstan.

Address: 1, F. Amirkhanave., Kazan, 420126, Russia

Phone: +7 (843) 526-57-57

Email: reservation@hotelriviera.ru

Official website: www.kazanriviera.ru

Museum of the Chak-Chak.

Chak-chak, despite the fact that it can be touched, watched and even eat, it is an intangible heritage of the Tatars.

The museum collects everything related to the chak-chak: culture, traditions, rituals, household items and clothing, mythology and much more.

Here you will learn the secrets of preparing the chak-chak, you will be introduced to the utensils you used before, you will discover a lot of new things in the usual things.

Address: 18, ParizhskayaKommuny St.

Phone: +7 (843) 239 22 31

Opening hours: Monday to Sunday, 10:00 to 20:00

Website: www.muzeino.ru

The exhibition and entertainment complex «The city Panorama» 

The vastest information about Kazan is presented in the most modern format: with the help of an electronic tablet with an audio guide (in Russian, Tatar, English, Chinese), the visitor passes through a 4-storey complex, getting acquainted with the cultural and spiritual life of the city of different epochs, important historical events, which occurred in ancient times - unexpected discoveries and vivid impressions are guaranteed to all.


Opening Hours:

Monday-Thursday, Saturday, Sunday-from 10:00 to 18:00

Friday - from 11:00 to 20:00 (the ticket office is open until 19:00)

Ticket price: 250 - 500 rub

Address:city ​​of Kazan, st. Dzerzhinsky, 7

Tel. 8 (843) 292-40-52

The World Cup, which takes place every 4 years, is a grand event for the hospitality industry. In addition to exciting football battles, Kazan will offer its guests many types of excursions.

1.      A sightseeing tour on a double-decker bus.

Kazan became the 101st city in the world, which is serviced by the international company City Sightseeing Worldwide. Theirs double decker buses are equipped with a special folding roof, which opens in warm weather. The bus has 55 seats and also includes  a ramp for people with disabilities. This one-hours excursion includes a trip through the historical part of the city and central streets: the area of Staro-Tatar Sloboda (Old Tatar Suburb), the Kazan Kremlin, the Kazanka River embankment, Svobody Square, Bauman Street and others.

On the way, the bus makes 10 stops, on any of them you can join the excursion. Also you can get off at any of 10 stops to get acquainted with the interesting place in more detail and, having saved the ticket, take the next double-decker. The ticket is valid 24 hours after the first landing. The interval of bus traffic is about 30 minutes. The audio guide speaks eight languages.

In the summer season, the first bus starts at 10:30, the last one at 19:50.

In the winter season, the first bus starts at 10:30, the last at 17:20.

Tickets can be purchased at city hotels, tourist centers and in the bus itself when boarding.

The ticket price for adults is 1000 rub, for children and pensioners - 800 rub. Children under 5, veterans of the Second World War, disabled people of I category can use the services for free. Buses leave from Tukay Square.

Evening lights of Kazan

Excursion includes driving through the most brightly and beautifully illuminated streets of the city, including the modern Millennium Bridge and the Lenin Dam.

Kazan in the evening lights is the most fantastic thing: the mysterious panorama of the night Kremlin, the magnificent Palace of farmers, the squares and parks illuminated by ancient lanterns, the modern football stadium Kazan Arena with the biggest media facade in Europe, the Palace of Water Sports, the Kazan Family Center "Kazan" which look like it’s been brought from the ancient Kazan legend - all this will not leave indifferent even the most experienced traveler.

The route provides 2-3 stops for taking photos in the brightest and colorful places of the city.

Duration: 2 hours

The beginning and the end of the excursion: hotel Tatarstan, st.Pushkina, 4

Boating on the Kaban Lake and Kazanka River

There is a beautiful and mysterious Lake Kaban in the heart of Kazan city. It is the largest lake in the Republic of Tatarstan and it is divided into three parts: Lower, Middle and Upper Kaban. The locals and guests of the city are very fond of this place and come here to stroll and admire the scenery, feed the ducks and to see the biggest fountain in Kazan (the height of the jets reaches to 50 m!) And for those who are interested in the history of this mysterious lake, we suggest to go on a water excursion-walk. On the excursion you will learn about the secret of this lake - the untold treasures of the Khan hidden at the bottom of the lake, races on boats of the Formula One World Championship, and many other interesting facts about this historic area.

A river walk takes place on a boat, with an audio guide in Russian or English. The excursion is started with a safety instruction, and every tourist is provided with a life jacket.

Duration: 30 min.

Excursions are conducted daily from 10.00 to 21.00 from the pier on Lake Kaban. Possible short-term cancellation for meteorological reasons (storm, heavy rain, etc.)

The date of opening navigation is specified.

Contactphone (Kazanka) : +7(917)2956360; +7(950)9473713

Contact phone (Kaban): +79276814380

4. Bicycle excursion «Amazing Kazan» with the mobile application Toptriptip

This is an exciting excursion for those who tired of spinning head from one window to another from the bus, for those who are ready to choose where to go and of course for those who know how to ride by bike! Kazan hasn't accidentally become the sports capital of Russia, become a part of a large team that loves to relax actively and positively!

In 2015, a Small route ring was implemented (Kremlevskaya street, Dzerzhinskogo, Leninskiy sad, Teatralnayastreet, Kasatkina street, Naberezhnaya, Baturina street).

The route of the Bicycle tour "Amazing Kazan" is looped, begins and ends at the walls of the Kazan Kremlin and passes through the significant objects of the historical center of Kazan.

The route is designed taking into account the urban landscape, takes into account the requirements for the safety of pedestrians and cyclists and the safety of green areas.Within the framework of the route in Kazan, a system of Bicycle paths and navigation facilities, as well as a mobile application for participants of  Bicycle tours, has been developed.

5. Excursion «Questball»

Service quest-excursions in Kazan for your smartphone called "Questball". You will be able to become a member of a secret operation or a fairy story, solve a lot of puzzles related to the legendary city objects, and all this at a suitable time for you, at a suitable pace, your company or family.Interesting offer? Then download the app "Questball" to a smartphone, choose the quest-tour of Kazan and go!

Duration of the game – 2-3 hours. But you can stop, and then again to continue the game, at any time.

Quest tour routes passes through pedestrian zones, in convenient and safe places. Questions at the quest stations are formulated in the form of a quiz, and you will always be able to find the right answer.

Excursion «Farolero»                           

Farolero —the name of the lamplighter, which, as legend has it, knows every city of the world at their fingertips (from the Spanish word farolero translated as "deceiver").Those who meet Farolero will be able not only to get answers to any tourist questions, but also to ask to fulfill the most cherished desire.Theatrical night tours appeared first in Barcelona, then in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Paris, London, Rome, Venice, and now the lamplighter go to Kazan.The one and a half hour promenade is accompanied by music, songs and stories from the audio guide. The tour is suitable for all ages.

Contact phone: 212 -20 -60


6.Tours can also be arranged with a visit to the monuments of the historical heritage UNESCO – the town of Bolgar and island town of Sviyazhsk.

Excursion to Bulgar – a great opportunity to touch the ancient origins, because by the end of the XIV century the city gained fame as a beautiful European capital.He is a living testimony of how history developed. To see at least part of the sights of Bulgaria with your own eyes is an unforgettable experience.

Tours to Sviyazhsk from Kazan is a great opportunity not only to get acquainted with the history of this amazing place, but also to enjoy the nature and beautiful views of the Volga and Sviyaga that open from the island.

In Kazan have been created conditionsfor horse riding in beautiful places and outdoor activities.

International equestrian club "Kazan»

420045, Kazan, str. Patrisa Lumumby, 47 a

Horse rental


(843) 279-29-92

International equestrian club "Kazan»— one of the largest in Europe and the only one complex of this level in Russia. According to its parameters, it is a complex multifunctional mechanism with a total area of 91.1 hectares, which includes various thematic areas.

Sports demonstration area includes a closed podium 4 thousand seats, the bleachers on 2 thousand people.

Equestrian club " Kazan»

Kazan, urban-type settlement.Mirny, Republic OfTatarstan, Russia 420055

Phone: (843) 250-23-92

Bicycles for rent.

Information about the Velik project. All Veli'k stations are located in the center of Kazan in close proximity to each other.

1-      Kazan state technological University/Branch of the Moscow state academic art Institute .V. I. Surikova (K. Marx street,70),

2-      City Hall (Pushkin street, 33),

3-      Kremlin (Kremlevskaya street, 2),

4-      Kazan Federal University (Unics)(Kremlevskaya street, 18 on the contrary),

5-      Theatre of G. Kamal (Tatarstan street / M. Salimzhanova street),

6-      The Park "Chernoyeozero" (Chernyshevskogo street/ Dzerzhinskogo street),

7-      K. Nadzhmistreet / Baumana street, 54.

Instructions for use:

To use the service, you must purchase a subscription. With a subscription for 1 or 3 days a person gets access to all the benefits of the Veli'k network in Kazan.These subscriptions are convenient, inexpensive and can be bought on the Velik website. The first half hour of rental is always free. If the customer uses the service longer, the fee will be charged according to the tariffs.These subscriptions are convenient, inexpensive and can be bought on the Velik website. The first half hour of rental is always free. If the customer uses the service longer, the fee will be charged according to the tariffs.

Cost of  hire:

First half  hour: free

1st hour after the free period: 50 rubles

2nd hour and more: 150 rubles

Contact phone :8-800-700-8642

6.2. Religious sites in the city

Kazan is a city where historically closely intertwined two religions: Sunni Islam and Orthodox Christianity.As the official religion of the Volga Bulgaria and the Kazan khanate, Islam has been associated with the city since its founding.After the conquest of Ivan Grozniy, Orthodoxy became the dominant religion of Kazan, and in 1555 the Kazan diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church was established.An important milestone in the history is the acquisition in 1579 of the Kazan icon of the mother of God - one of the most revered icons in the Russian Church. The first Mosque built in Kazan after its conquest by Ivan the Terrible became a landmark embodiment of the beginning of the society of multi-religious tolerance in Russia, proclaimed Empress Catherine II in the late XVIII century, and remains the historical center of Tatar-Muslim spirituality.The Jewish community was formed from among the cantons in the 1820s, and a synagogue was built in 1915. Lutheran community appears in the city after the Livonian war 1558-1583 years, and in 1771 was opened Lutheran Church.In 1833, a Roman Catholic parish appeared in Kazan. In Kazan there are more than four dozen mosques, and almost three dozen Orthodox churches. There are also Catholic and Lutheran parishes, a synagogue, A Bahaicentre and the Kazan society of  Krishna Consciousness.

Kul Sharif mosque

The main Juma mosque of the Republic of  Tatarstan and Kazan (since 2005); is located in the territory of the Kazan Kremlin.

It is named in honor of its last Imam Seid Kul Sharif, one of the leaders of the defense of Kazan.

The opening of the mosque took place on June 24, 2005, to the 1000th anniversary of Kazan.

Kul Sharif is located in the Western part of the Kazan Kremlin.

The internal space of the mosque is designed for one and a half thousand people, the area in front of it can accommodate ten thousand more.

The height of each of the four main minarets is 58 meters.

Inside the mosque (right and left in relation to the main hall) there are two viewing balconies for tourists.

The mosque complex includes the building of the mosque , the Museum of the history of the spread of Islam in the Middle Volga region, a room for a solemn wedding ceremony— nikah, Imam's office.

In the main hall of the mosque there are books that contain the names of all those who made donations for the construction of the mosque. In this hall there are also Koran gift editions in different languages of the world

Address: Kazan, Kremlin, 13

Phone: + 7 (843) 5678-077


Peter and Paul Cathedral is certainly the most valuable architectural monument and one of the spiritual symbols of Kazan. Built on an elevated position, beautiful and majestic, the Cathedral has a unique decoration.

The composition of the temple and the bell tower is made in the style of the so - called Russian or "Naryshkinskogo" Baroque, common in Russia in the late XVII-first half of the XVIII century. The unique appearance of the Cathedral is given primarily by the decor, the abundance of preserved facade details and their bright coloring.Currently Peter and Paul Cathedral, having the status of a Cathedral Church, is certainly one of the centers of spiritual life of the Kazan region. There is a regular committed bishops are diocesan worship and celebration.

Address: Kazan, Musa Jalil str., 21

Phone: +7 (843) 292-13-58

BlagoveshenskiySobor of Kazan Kremlin

This cathedral of the Kazan Kremlin is the oldest surviving monuments of history and architecture in Kazan. The main Cathedral of the Kazan region, which before the revolution was the Cathedral of the Kazan diocese, was founded on October 4, 1552 by order of  Tsar Ivan Grozniy.

Cathedral is open daily for believers,and on holidays in the temple worship.

Address: Kazan, Kremlin, 2

Phone: +7 (843) 567-80-31, 567-80-79

The mosque of al-Marjani

Mosque in the Old Tatar settlement of Kazan. Located between the street KayumaNasyri and the shore of lake Nizhniy Kaban.

The building is built in the traditions of the Tatar medieval architecture of mosques with a minaret on the roof and in the style forms of provincial Baroque.

The two-storey mosque has a three-tiered minaret. In the design of facades and interiors, the architectural decor of the "Petersburg" Baroque is combined with ornamental motifs of Tatar decorative art.

Address: Kazan, KayumaNasyristreet, 17

Phone: + 7 (843) 293-00-35

The temple of all religions, the universal Church, the international cultural center of spiritual unity.

Architectural construction in the village of StaroyeArakchino in Kazan, the construction of which began in 1994 by the artist, architect, sculptor, healer and public figure IldarKhanov. According to the author and owner of the complex, it was built as an architectural symbol of religions, cultures and civilizations. Services and rites are not performed at the property.

The ensemble is joined by an Orthodox Church, a Muslim mosque, a Jewish synagogue and a pagoda. In total, the project provides for domes and other iconic elements of religious buildings of 16 world religions, including the disappeared civilizations. The building as a cultural center opened and operates an art gallery, which hosts not only exhibitions but also master classes, a concert hall, which hosts musical and poetic evenings.

Address: Kazan, village of StaroyeArakchino, D. 4.

Telephone: +7 (843) 526 -85-83

Kazan Bogoroditsky monastery.

Orthodox monastery of Kazan, the place of acquisition of the Kazan icon of the Mother of God. It is a short walk from the Kazan Kremlin, to the East of the Kremlin mountain, on Bolshaya Krasnaya street.

Address: Kazan, street Big Red 5,

Tel. 8 (843) 292-29-44


St. Nicholas Cathedral is a whole architectural and administrative complex consisting of communicating Nikolo-Nizskaya and intercession churches, a separate bell tower and a number of Church and administrative buildings. On the site of St. Nicholas Cathedral in 1565 was a wooden Church of St. Nicholas of Borovsk. At the end of the XVII century instead of it was erected a stone Church with a chapel of St. Nicholas In honor of the Nativity of Christ.

Currently, the Church kept a Kazan relics: the miraculous copies of the Kazan and Tikhvin mother of God, wonderworking Feodorovskaya icon of the blessed virgin Mary (the main Shrine of the former St Feodore nunnery Kazan), the miraculous icon of St. Nicholas of Myra "Kuyukovskaya" gained 11/24 June 1897 in the village of Kouki near Kazan, and many other shrines.

Address: Kazan, Bauman str., 5

(Zakabannaya) The Buried mosque.

The mosque was the only one in the city, built in Soviet times on the funds collected by the parishioners themselves. Since 1992, there is a higher Muslim school madrasah, and in 1999 the mosque celebrated its 75th anniversary.

In Soviet times, the hall was divided into two floors. Currently, on the ground floor there is a prayer hall, and on the second - training rooms.

Address: Kazan, Street H. Taktash 26

St. Catherine's Lutheran Church.

In Kazan, the Germans have lived since the XVI century, when they were captured during the Livonian war, settled in the Empire. The most famous among them is the rector of the Kazan Imperial University Karl Fuchs.

Believers began to build their Church in Kazan in 1767, the year of the arrival of Empress Catherine II. The Church was consecrated and opened on December 7, 1771, the day of St. Catherine. Three years later, the Church burned down, but in 1777 it was restored – in stone.

Kazan is officially an Evangelical Lutheran parish was established here in 1806. In 1862-1865, a new Church was built on the same Pokrovskayastreet (now Karl Marx) to accommodate all Lutherans. Project brick Church 250 seats in the Romanesque style with Gothic elements worked assistant city architect Leo Irsonovich. It was consecrated on December 1, 1863.

Many Lutherans left Kazan after the revolution – this was the reason for the closure of the Church in 1929, it was transferred to the NKVD of the Tatar Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic. The temple became the sports hall of the society "Dynamo". Where there were stained-glass Windows, erected tribunes, to the building attached a semicircle of premises of club (and later the cultural center) the Ministry of internal Affairs.

The Evangelical Lutheran Church community of Kazan was revived in 1990. In 1991, the Kazan society of German culture appeared, which was later transformed into the Karl Fuchs Kazan German society, and then – into the German house of the Republic of Tatarstan.

In 1996, the mayor of Kazan KamilIshakov handed over to the Bishop of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of the European part of Russia Siegfried Springer symbolic key to the Church building, it began service, and with them-restoration work, by 2005 the roof and facade led to a decent view.

The updated Church was opened on August 30, 2014. Now there is a new organ, a chandelier weighing about 700 kilograms, the altar was restored from the photos.

Address: Karl Marx str., 26

Metro station: Kremlevskaya

Church Of The Exaltation Of The Holy Cross ( HramVozdvizheniyaSvyatovoKresta)

The Catholic parish was founded in 1835 – by that time the community grew also due to poles from the Kingdom of Poland annexed to Russia. However, religious services were held in converted premises – the former theater, apartment buildings.

In 1855, the construction of the Church began on the project of the architect of the Kazan construction and road Commission, Lutheran Alexander Peske. The modest building was consecrated on November 1, 1858 in honor of the feast of the exaltation of the Holy cross. It was located then on the outskirts of the city, on the corner of Lyadskayastreet and Arsky field.

In 1927, the Church was closed, it housed the laboratory of Kazan state technical University, and the bulk of the wind tunnel occupied.

Almost 70 years later, in 1995, the Catholic parish reappeared in Kazan. At first he served in the chapel of the "Passions of the Lord" at the Arsk cemetery. In 1999, the Kazan city hall allocated to the parish a new site in the center-at the corner of Ostrovsky and Aidinov streets, where a new Church was opened in August 2008.

Since January 14, 2009 in the right chapel of the Church is kept a part of the Holy cross, brought in 1700 from Rome – a gift of the German diocese of Dresden-Meissen. It also stores a drop of blood of blessed Pope John Paul II.

Address: Ostrovskogo str., 73

Metro station:  "PloschadTukaya"

Synagogue Of The Chabad-Lubavitch

On 24 March 1897, the Jewish community was officially established in Kazan. The synagogue was opened on March 12, 1915. And in 1926 it was closed, the building housed the house of enlightenment workers.

The revival of the prayer house is connected with the opening in 1989 of the club of Jewish culture "menorah", which later grew into the cultural center of the same name. In March 1990, the Kazan Jewish religious community appeared and in December 1997 it received a symbolic key to the synagogue and began its restoration.

The house on Profsoyuznayastreet is not only a place for religious rituals. Under its roof there is also a representative office of the Jewish Agency in Russia ("Sohnut"), the National charity Fund "Jewish center" Hesed Moshe", the Museum of the Jewish community of Kazan, the youth Jewish center" Afifon", a library, a youth club. By the century, the facade of the synagogue was updated, and the anniversary gathered rabbis from around the world.

Address: Profsoyuznayastreet, 15

Metro station:  "PloschadTukaya", "the Kremlin"

7. Background information

7.1.On the World Cup 2018

World Cup 2018 – is the 21st FIFA World Cup, the final part of which is scheduled to take part in Russia from June 14 to July 15 2018. The first time in its history Russia will become the host country of the world football championship. Besides it will be held for the first time in Eastern Europe.12 stadiums in 11 cities of Russia is destined to hold the championship.

List of cities that will host the World Cup:

1. Moscow

2. Kaliningrad

3. St. Petersburg

4. Volgograd

5. Kazan

6. Nizhny Novgorod

7. Samara

8. Saransk

9. Rostov-on-Don

10. Sochi

11. Yekaterinburg

The final tournament of the World Cup in 2018 will include 32 teams. The draw for the qualifying tournament took place in the Konstantinovsky Palace of Saint-Petersburg on July 25, 2015, and the draw for the group stage took place on 1 December 2017 in the State Kremlin Palace.

7.2. Information on the region and the city

Republic of Tatarstan (short names: Tatarstan, Tataria) – a constituent entity of The Russian Federation, a republic as its part. As a part of the Volga economic region it is included in the Volga federal district. The capital is Kazan. The President of the Republic is RustamMinnikhanov. It borders on the Kirov, Ulyanovsk, Samara and Orenburg regions, Bashkortostan, Mari El, the Udmurt Republic and Chuvashia.

State languages: Russian, Tatar.

The Time Zone in Tatarstan is a Moscow Standard Time. The time zone is UTC + 3.


Kazan is a city in the Russian Federation, the capital of the Republic of Tatarstan, a large

port on the left bank of the Volga River at the confluence of the Kazanka River into it. One of the biggest religious, economic, political, scientific, educational, cultural and

sport centers of Russia. The Kazan Kremlin is among the objects of the World heritage of UNESCO.

"The third capital of Russia" is a registered brand of the City.

In 2005 Kazan celebrated its millennium anniversary.

In 2011, the European Weightlifting Championship was held in Kazan. In 2013 the city hosted the XXVII World Summer Universiade, in 2014 - the World Fencing Championships. In 2015, Kazan faced the World Championship in water sports, and in

2017  Kazan became one of the cities which hosted the games of the Confederations Cup. In 2018 Kazan will host the World Cup.


8.1. ATM and currency exchange

ATM with an eye to withdraw with money might be found in in any Kazan district, in every shopping center, as well as branches of different banks.

Currency exchange is available in any bank in Kazan. Ruble (code: RUB) - the official currency of the Russian Federation.

In the Russian Federation, Kazan included, the major types of credit cards are all accepted for payment including VISA, MasterCard, Diner's Club and American Express.


8.2. Electrical outlets

The standard voltage in Russia is 220 volts.

Forms of sockets in Russia and in Kazan correspond to C and F types.










9.1 Tourism Help Line 8 800 3502771 (Kazan Committee for Tourism Development)

9.2.Extra services:

-Emergency service number 112

-Fire service 01

-Police 02

-Emergency first aid 03

Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Tatarstan


Phone: (843) 291-24-05

E-mail: mvd16@mvd.gov.ru

Emergency call for Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Tatarstan

(843) 291-35-28, 291-36-28

420111, Kazan, Dzerzhinsky st.,19

Single emergency aid channel - 102/112 (for any mobile operators)


9.2. Consular missions of foreign countries in the Republic


Consulate General of Turkey in Kazan.

Address: 420015, Kazan, Gorkogost., 23/27, PO Box 141

Phone: (843) 299-53- 10, 299-53-11;

Fax: (843) 264-25- 11

E-mail: consulate.kazan@mfa.gov.tr

Consul General: to be confirmed

Consular District: Republic of Bashkortostan, Republic of Mari El Republic

Mordovia, Republic of Tatarstan, Chuvash Republic, Samara Region.


The Consulate General of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Kazan

Address: 420107, Kazan, Spartakovskayast., 6 (3rd floor of the Suvar-Plaza office and shopping center)

Phone: (843) 526-58-49;

Fax: (843) 526-58-56

Email: irankazan@mail.ru

Acting head: AlibemanEgbaliZarch

Consular District: Republic of Bashkortostan, Republic of Komi Republic Mari El, the Republic of Tatarstan, the Udmurt Republic, the Chuvash Republic, Kirov Region, Orenburg Region, Perm Region, Samara Region, Sverdlovsk Region, Ulyanovsk Region, Chelyabinsk Region.


Consulate General of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Kazan

Address: 420111, Kazan, Karl Marx st., 8/13

Phone: (843) 202-05- 92;

Fax: (843) 223-06- 69

Email: genconsulkz@gmail.com

Consul General: SayfulmalikovaRabigaSabytkhanovna

Consular District: Republic of Bashkortostan, Republic of Mari El Republic

Mordovia, Republic of Tatarstan, Udmurt Republic, Chuvash Republic,

Perm Krai, Kirov, Nizhny Novgorod, Penza, Sverdlovsk and Ulyanovsk


Consulate General of Hungary in Kazan

Address: 420107, Kazan, Spartakovskayast., 6 (5rd floor of the Suvar-Plaza office and shopping center)

Phone: + 7-917-266-96-69

E-mail: genconshungary.kazan@gmail.com, mission.kzn@mfa.gov.hu

Consul General: Adam Stifter

Consular District: Republic of Bashkortostan, Republic of Mari El Republic

Mordovia, Republic of Tatarstan, Udmurt Republic, Chuvash Republic,

Kirov, Orenburg, Samara and Ulyanovsk regions.


Embassy Branch Office of Belarus in Russian federation in Kazan

Address: 420015, Kazan, Karl Marks st.,61

Phone: (843) 236-98-88;

Fax: (843) 236-99-48

E-mail: russia.kazan@mfa.gov.by

Head: Kulinkovich Alexander

Honorary Consul of the French Republic in Kazan

Address: 420054, Kazan, Kulagin st.,1

Phone: (843) 278-49-59;

Fax: (843) 278-49-59

E-mail: rcio@bancorp.ru

Ershov Andrey

Consular District: Republic of Tatarstan

Spanish Honorary Consulate in Kazan

Alberto Sobrino Espinosa

Consular District: Republic of Bashkortostan, Republic of Mari El Republic Mordovia, Republic of Tatarstan, Udmurt Republic, Chuvash Republic, Perm Krai, Kirov, Nizhny Novgorod, Orenburg, Penza, Samara, Saratov and Ulyanovsk regions.

Honorary Consul of the Republic of Belarus in Kazan

Isaev Oleg

Consular District: Republic of Tatarstan.

Honorary Consul of the Republic of Macedonia in Kazan

Salikhov Irek

Consular District: Republic of Tatarstan.


Consulate General of the People's Republic of China in Kazan

Consul General: Wu Yingqin

Consul: Tian Zhi

Consul-Attache: PyanXiaoqiang

Contact Information

Address: 420107, Kazan, Spartakovskaya st.,6 (Suvar Plaza)

Phone: 8 (987) 183-51- 28

E-mail: bian_xiaoqiang@mfa.gov.cn,  bianxq@126.com

 «Перевод выполнил МКУ «Комитет по развитию туризма Казани.


Туры в Казань.

Школьные программы на каникулы в Казань.

 "Осенние Каникулы в Казани 2017 " Новогодние каникулы в Казани. Весенние каникулы 2018

Однодневные Туры на каникулы 

   Тур №1 "КАНИКУЛЫ В КАЗАНИ - (ЭКСПРЕСС) " 1 день (без ночевки).   До обеда экскурсии, после обеда свободное время! Лучшая программа для деловых людей и тех, у кого просто мало времени в Казани. Подробнее...

   Тур №2 "КАНИКУЛЫ В КАЗАНИ - (КАЗАНЬ - РАИФА) " 1 день  (без ночевки).   До обеда экскурсия по Казани, после обеда автобусная экскурсия в Раифу.  Для жадных до знаний, и любящих насыщенные туры! Подробнее...

   Тур №3 "КАНИКУЛЫ В КАЗАНИ - (КВЕСТ ПО КАЗАНИ) " 1 день  (без ночевки).   Веселая приключенческая экскурсионная программапо Казани в виде познавательной игры для школьников и студентов. Подробнее...

   Тур №4 "КАНИКУЛЫ В КАЗАНИ -  (КАЗАНЬ - АКВАПАРК)" 1 день  (без ночевки).  До обеда экскурсии по городу и Кремлю. После обеда посещение аквапарка Ривьера. Самая комфортная  программа для всех возрастов! Подробнее...

2-х дневные Туры  на  каникулы

   Тур №5  "КАНИКУЛЫ В КАЗАНИ - (КАЗАНЬ - ДЕЛЬФИНАРИЙ ) " 2 дня  (1 ночь).  Отличная возможность посмотреть старинный город Казань и посетить Дельфинарий в  Челнах. Поездка занимает целый день. Подробнее...

   Тур №6 "КАНИКУЛЫ В КАЗАНИ - (АКВАПАРК-СВИЯЖСК )  " 2 дня в  (1 ночь).   Посмотрите Казань и потом шумный аквапарк и увлекательные приключения на Свияге !
Незабываемые выходные! Подробнее...

   Тур №7 ."КАНИКУЛЫ В КАЗАНИ - (КАЗАНЬ - ЙОШКАР-ОЛА ) " 2 дня  (1 ночь).  Посещение 2 столиц.Один день в Казани, один день в  Йошкар-Оле. Программа для любителей отдыха насыщенного
поездками. Подробнее...

   Тур №8 "КАНИКУЛЫ В КАЗАНИ - (КАЗАНЬ - РАИФА ) " 2 дня  (1 ночь).  Пол дня экскурсии-пол дня свободное время. Получи удовольствиеот неспешного знакомства с лучшими
местами  Казани! Подробнее...

3-х дневные Туры  на каникулы

   Тур №9 "КАНИКУЛЫ В КАЗАНИ - (КАЗАНЬ - РАИФА-СВИЯЖСК ) " 3 дня  (2 ночи). Великолепная насыщенная интересными экскурсиями программа  для любителей истории и поездок!
При этом есть и свободное время . Подробнее...

   Тур №10 "КАНИКУЛЫ В КАЗАНИ - (КАЗАНЬ - ЕЛАБУГА-СВИЯЖСК ) " 3 дня  (2 ночи). Великолепная насыщенная интересными экскурсиями программа для любителей истории и поездок!
При этом есть и свободное время. Подробнее...

   Тур №11 "КАНИКУЛЫ В КАЗАНИ - (КАЗАНЬ - БУЛГАР-СВИЯЖСК ) " 3 день  (2 ночи).  Насыщенная экскурсиями программа отдыха в Казани. Много  экскурсий, отдых в аквапарке и
загородная поездка в Раифу. Подробнее...

   Тур №12 "КАНИКУЛЫ В КАЗАНИ - (КАЗАНЬ-КОМПЛЕКС СВИЯГА ) " 3  дня  (2 ночи).  Программа для любителей экскурсий и активного спортивного отдыха. На Свияге горнолыжный комплекс
зимой и гольф летом! Подробнее...

Стандартные программы в Казань

"Прогулка по Казани" -1 день

Полноценная экскурсионная программа  Казани и Кремлю на 1 день.

"Каникулы в Казани"-2 дня

1 день-Экскурсия по Казани+Кремль
2 день Раифа+ Град Свияжск

"Большие Каникулы в Казани"-3 дня

1д- Экскурсия по Казани+Кремль
2д- Раифа,Храм всех рел,Нац музей
3д- Остров Град Свияжск

Мастер-классы для групповых программ в Казани
                     (Все  мастер-классы заказываются дополнительно к любой выбранноМУ ТУРУ )

  Мастер класс «Секреты татарской кухни»  Кулинарные традиции татарской кухни складывались не одно столетие.
  Мастер класс «Татарские сладости»
Рассказ, демонстрация дегустация национальных татарских сладостей
  Мастер класс «Татарский костюм» Рассказ и демонстрация татарских национальных костюмов
  Мастер класс «Музыкальный мон» Мульти-инструменталист демонстрирует традиционные музыкальные инструменты:
  Мастер классы «В Кузнице Пушечного Двора в Кремле» Кузнечное представление от Алмаза .
  Мастер класс «Искусство Арабской калиграфии»  арабская графика была традиционным способом письменности наших предков.
  Мастер класс «Искусство носить платок» Зеркало... Переливы хрусталя, холодный мрамор и яркий восточный узор.
  Мастер-класс «Искусство носить платок». Гости знакомятся с историей ношения головных уборов в Европе. Подробнее......

Дополнительные  Интерактивы для групповых программ в Казани
  (Все  интерактивы можно заказать дополнительно к любой выбранной программе.)

   «Ханский Прием» - встреча гостей (Хан, царица Сююмбике). Красочное приветствие , фотосессия. Время проведения: 10-15 минут.
    Программа «Казанское гостеприимство» - интерактивная программа с актерами и музыкантами. Продолжительность: 45-60м.
    Программа «Казанская Жемчужина» - Приветствие, викторина, народный вокал. Продолжительность: 60-90 мин.
    Выездное фотоателье «Тарих» - 12 исторических костюмов Казанского Ханства. Продолжительность: 3 часа.
  «Татарский Каляпуш» Вы испытаете настоящий татарский праздник! Мир веселья и забав.
   «Сказка Казанского Кота»  Кот казанский: ум астраханский, разум сибирский…»Продолжительность: 3 часа.
   «Ожерелье для Хана» Древние легенды и мифы Ханского периода 13-16 века. .Продолжительность: 1 час  

Афиша туров в Казань

  • Экспресс-Казань (1 день) 500 руб.   385 руб.
    Экспресс-Казань (1 день)

    Галопом по Казани!

        1 день в Казани (без ночевки)                    До обеда экскурсии, после обеда свободное время! Лучшая программа для деловых людей и тех, у кого просто мало времени в Казани!

    с человека 385 руб.

  • Древняя Казань - Раифа (1 день) 1300 руб.   655 руб.
    Древняя Казань - Раифа (1 день)

    Всё в один день!

    1 день в Казани (без ночевки)
    До обеда экскурсия по Казани, по Кремлю, после обеда автобусная экскурсия в Раифу.  Для жадных до знаний, и любящих насыщенные туры!

    с человека 655 руб.

  • "Большие Каникулы в Казани"-3 дня 1000 руб.

    1 д- Экскурсии по Казани и Кремль 
    2 д- Раифа, Храм всех рел, Нац музей
    3 д- Автобусная Остров Град Свияжск        

    с человека 1000 руб.

  • Квест по Казани (1 день) 1000 руб.   645 руб.
    Квест по Казани (1 день)

    Весело и интересно!

        1 день в Казани (без ночевки)               Веселая приключенческая экскурсионная программа по Казани в виде познавательной игры для школьников и студентов.

    с человека 645 руб.

  • Древняя Казань - Аквапарк (1 день) 575 руб.
    Древняя Казань - Аквапарк (1 день)

    Посмотреть и искупаться!

          1 день в Казани без ночевки                             До обеда экскурсии по городу . После обеда посещение аквапарка Ривьера. Самая комфортная программа для всех возрастов!

    с человека 575 руб.

  • Древняя Казань – Дельфинарий (2 дня) 3550 руб.
    Древняя Казань – Дельфинарий (2 дня)

    Поездка в Н. Челны!

        2 дня  в Казани (1 ночь)                       Отличная возможность посмотреть старинный город Казань и посетить Дельфинарий в  Челнах. Поездка занимает целый день.

    с человека 3550 руб.

  • Аквапарк Ривьера - Остров Град Свияжск (2 дня) 2465 руб.
    Аквапарк Ривьера - Остров Град Свияжск (2 дня)

    Самое интересное!

              2 дня в Казани (1 ночь)
    Посмотрите Казань и потом шумный аквапарк и увлекательные приключения на Свияге ! Незабываемые выходные!

    с человека 2465 руб.

  • Две Республики - Две Столицы! (2 дня) 0 руб.
    Две Республики - Две Столицы! (2 дня)

    Поездка в Йошкар-Олу

    2 дня в Казани (1 ночь)
    Посещение 2 столиц. Один день в Казани, один день в  Йошкар-Оле. Программа для любителей отдыха насыщенного поездками.

    с человека 0 руб.

  • Древняя Казань-Раифа (2 дня) 2255 руб.
    Древняя Казань-Раифа (2 дня)

    Релакс тур!

     2 дня в Казани (1 ночь)
    Пол дня экскурсии-пол дня свободное время. Получи удовольствие от неспешного знакомства с лучшими местами  Казани!

    с человека 2255 руб.

  • Древняя Казань - Раифа -Свияжск (3 дня) 4245 руб.
    Древняя Казань - Раифа -Свияжск (3 дня)

    Две отличные поездки!

    3 дня  в Казани (2 ночи)
      Великолепная насыщенная интересными экскурсиями программа  для любителей истории и поездок! При этом есть и свободное время .

    с человека 4245 руб.

  • Древняя Казань - Елабуга -Свияжск (3 дня) 4700 руб.
     Древняя Казань - Елабуга -Свияжск (3 дня)

    Поездка в Елабугу!

    3 дня  в Казани (2 ночи)
         Великолепная насыщенная интересными экскурсиями программа  для любителей истории и поездок! При этом есть и свободное время .

    с человека 4700 руб.

  • Древняя Казань - Казанский Арбат - Раифа (3 дня) 3860 руб.
    Древняя Казань - Казанский Арбат - Раифа (3 дня)

    Для ненасытных!

    3 день в Казани (2 ночи)
    асыщенная экскурсиями программа отдыха в Казани. Много экскурсий, отдых в аквапарке и загородная поездка в Раифу.

    с человека 3860 руб.


Программы туров в Казань

  • Экспресс-Казань (1день)

    Экспресс-Казань (1день)

    1 день в Казани (без ночевки).
    До обеда экскурсии, после обеда свободное время! Лучшая программа для деловых людей и тех, у кого просто мало времени в Казани.

  • Древняя Казань - Раифа (1 день)

    Древняя Казань - Раифа (1 день)

             1 день в Казани (без ночевки).                  До обеда экскурсия по Казани, после обеда автобусная экскурсия в Раифу.  Для жадных до знаний, и любящих насыщенные туры!
  • Квест по Казани (1 день)

    Квест по Казани (1 день)

               1 день в Казани (без ночевки).                Веселая приключенческая экскурсионная программа по Казани в виде познавательной игры для школьников и студентов.
  • Древняя Казань - Аквапарк (1 день)

    Древняя Казань - Аквапарк (1 день)

                1 день в Казани без ночевки.              До обеда экскурсии по городу и Кремлю. После обеда посещение аквапарка Ривьера. Самая комфортная программа для всех возрастов!
  • Древняя Казань – Дельфинарий (2 дня)

    Древняя Казань – Дельфинарий (2 дня)

                   2 дня  в Казани (1 ночь).           Отличная возможность посмотреть старинный город Казань и посетить Дельфинарий в  Челнах. Поездка занимает целый день.
  • Аквапарк Ривьера - Остров Град Свияжск (2 дня)

    Аквапарк Ривьера - Остров Град Свияжск (2 дня)

                  2 дня в Казани (1 ночь).              Посмотрите Казань и потом шумный аквапарк и увлекательные приключения на Свияге ! Незабываемые выходные!
  • Две Республики-Две Столицы! (2 дня)

    Две Республики-Две Столицы! (2 дня)

                   2 дня в Казани (1 ночь).                Посещение 2 столиц.Один день в Казани, один день в  Йошкар-Оле. Программа для любителей отдыха насыщенного поездками.
  • Древняя Казань-Раифа (2 дня)

    Древняя Казань-Раифа (2 дня)

                  2 дня в Казани (1 ночь).                   Пол дня экскурсии-пол дня свободное время. Получи удовольствие от неспешного знакомства с лучшими местами  Казани!
  • Древняя Казань - Раифа -Свияжск (3 дня)

    Древняя Казань - Раифа -Свияжск (3 дня)

                   3 дня  в Казани (2 ночи).           Великолепная насыщенная интересными экскурсиями программа  для любителей истории и поездок! При этом есть и свободное время .
  •  Древняя Казань - Елабуга -Свияжск (3 дня)

    Древняя Казань - Елабуга -Свияжск (3 дня)

                   3 дня  в Казани (2 ночи).           Великолепная насыщенная интересными экскурсиями программа  для любителей истории и поездок! При этом есть и свободное время .
  • Древняя Казань - Казанский Арбат - Раифа (3 дня)

    Древняя Казань - Казанский Арбат - Раифа (3 дня)

                   3 день в Казани (2 ночи).           Насыщенная экскурсиями программа отдыха в Казани. Много экскурсий, отдых в аквапарке и загородная поездка в Раифу.
  • Древняя Казань - Свияга (3 дня)

    Древняя Казань - Свияга (3 дня)

                 3  дня  в Казани (2 ночи).              Программа для любителей экскурсий и активного спортивного отдыха. На Свияге горнолыжный комплекс зимой и гольф летом!